Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Santos Cage Doll

I got this totally awesome 3-d cage doll kit from Retro Cafe' Art  It is 16 in. tall and was super fun to do. I ordered so many goodies from them and was bursting with inspiration. It is made from masonite and super easy to put together. They also have different sizes and styles, so there are plenty to choose from if you don't like this size or style. Even though I don't have a whole lot of room for more stuff in my apt., I still got the biggest one. LOL  I am thinking about getting more to play with. I just love this sort of thing. Wish I could afford and get my hands on a real one. I base coated this one with a deep red, let that dry and then put on a thick coat of elmers and painted it over with turquoise blue. Yummy! I started hand sanding off some spots until I thought to myself, "What, are you stupid or something?!? Your gonna make your hands sore and you own 2 Dremels." Right? I know. Stupid. So I grabbed my Dremel with the flex shaft and sanded away on the edges. It was alot easier on the hands and much faster. I used a face from a fashion magazine and some mod podge. The kit comes with the tacks and brads to put it together. I also put a bit of glue to hold the slats on better. I put a cream ribbon around her neck to mimic a high collar. Then I gathered some organza ribbon to add to her collar and sleeves. I painted her crown gold and added some tiny crystals and attached that, and I also painted the heart red and attached that.
 I put a baby necklace doubled around her neck. I think it was my sisters from the 40's. I used a childs Ken bracelet for her belt and added a key. About this time I realized that if I wanted to put something inside, I would need to remove one of the slats. I got it off with very little trouble and decided that I liked the front open.
 I decided that this little white birdcage that was on my shelf would fit perfectly. Back to the Dremel. That made quick work of getting all that paint off. Then I used some hot glue and used some of my birch bark a friend had collected for me, to cover the bottom. I also had some plasticy fern leaves with a bit of moss on them. I added a birds nest from a tiny hand made basket from a mini basket sampler I had purchased from a 2nd hand store. See, I knew I'd use that stuff some day. LOL I got to use up my cute little chickadee on some moss with a carnelian egg.
Almost done now. I dug threw my drawer of already made metal pieces and found the flower and I used a copper tack to hold it in place. I also found a small strip to use on the bottom to cover for the missing slat. That I used the last of the original tacks and 3 of the copper tacks.  I hope you enjoy this project.

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