Sunday, January 31, 2016

What's new! 2016

I have really gotten into watching Cinnamon Cooney The Art Sherpa lately and decided to break out the acrylic paints. She does an awesome job of breaking things down for people to follow along. I used an old canvas that I had covered over with Gesso to try to cover the old painting. You can still see the outlines from the vase and oranges. Even with that I decided to go ahead and figured If it didn't turn out very well it wouldn't be a huge loss.

I had trouble with the ropes and could not get them the way I wanted them to look. I ended up painting over them and trying again. I still don't love the way they look but from a distance they look fine and so I left them. I also, while trying to blend out the new colors found that the paint was leaving swoosh marks under the swing and I liked that. It seems to add to the idea of motion. I do like the way it turned out and can't believe that I actually painted it.

After almost 2 months of waiting for them to come from England I finally got the Brusho powdered watercolors. I love these! The black is probably my favorite because of the colors that go into making it.
Yup, that's black or it would be if it was mixed. I got 20 colors. 5 of them are reds, which I don't recommend because 3 of them I can't tell apart.

These are some of the pages I made in my hand made watercolor journals.This stamp is Stampendous Glance colored with colored pencils before sprinkling the Brusho's on.

These stamps are also from Stampendous. I had previously watercolored a bunch of these flowers with water soluble oil pastels from Portfolio. Her hair is questionable. LOL Especially after I added the colored pencil on top. Reminds me of my bed head when my hair gets longer.
That's it for this post! See ya soon!