Sunday, August 28, 2011

Green Pepper Press Crusade #54

This months challenge was to pick names first and then create a color to go with the name. I sat down cleared my head and wrote down any words or phrases that popprd into my head. Picture 1:1 is Complaint Dept. It is a mixture of all of the colors I used making the other combinations. A mix of leftovers. 1:2 is Crash Test Dummy. I laid down yellow and made an x over the top in military blue. I am not sure why I decided noot to use black other than military blue is my favorite color. I painted my bedroom that color once and loved it so much. I also call it storms-a-commin blue. 1:3 is Surprise Me and it is a mixture of Pumpkin, Sterling Silver and Pearlizing medium. 1:4 is Pearls Before Swine. It is a mix of Metalic Garnet and Pearlizing Medium. Page2:1 Burningrubber's on Fire is a wet on wet  starting with yellow, then adding Pumpkin and then Bright Red. 2:2 is Super Freak and it consists of Bright Blue, Bright Red and Metalic Garnet Red.

2:3- Walk on the Wild Side- a mix of Yellow and Pumpkin with dots of Metalic Copper. 2:4- Charge It! is English Ivy and Sterling Silver. You can't get  much more money than that. Hmmmm, I guess I could have added gold to the mix. Oh well. 3:1 Rockin The Hammock (I have no idea, I just love hammocks). The mix for this is Pumpkin, Pearl Medium and  Metalic Garnet. Pearly and peachy. Sweet! 3:2 is Ripe Grapes. a mixture of Super Freak plus Military Blue.
3:3 King of the Road- Christmas Green and Burnt Siena. Last but not least 3:4 Sahara Sunset I forgot to write it down but I am certain it is Rockin the Hammock and added Pearl Medium with a smootch of Military Blue.