Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gearing up

I just got a couple of new stamps from Hot Potatoes for my birthday and had to play for awhile. This is the best result. A giant 12x12 snowflake background. I used Kaleidocolor Blue Breeze for my ink. I have a serious thing for mandalas and medallions. I have a huge drawer of unmounted stamps marked medallions.
On the home front, I have had to close up the cat door due to being invaded by possums. I woke up last week to a strange noise. I turned on the lights because I figured the cats brought in a live one to play with. Not my favorite way to wake up, but I have gotten good at search and rescue. I noted strange droppings on the floor and some tinkle too. Too small for a cat and too large for the usual suspects. I walk into the kitchen to get a pile of paper towels and there is a possum eating the cat food. The kitties are on the table watching. Great job guys. It takes off and hides behind the wash machine. Great! I cleaned up the mess and went back to bed figuring it would make its way back out threw the cat door. When I woke up in the morning I shined the flashlight behind the wash machine only to see a furry bum. Dang! Off to work. I get home, it is still there snoozing. What to do. I looked at some possum sites on line and noted that they can be apprehended by the tail without harm. Now all I have to do is get him to come out. Crunch, crunch. That didn't sound like a cat eating. I walked over to the cat dish and there he was. Zoom he was off in another direction. Hiding behind the futon in the living room. We have hard wood floors so furniture slides quite easily. I run into my room and get my metal working gloves on. They have nice rubber on the palms. Off to catch and release. I slide out the futon and we catch each others eyes. He doesn't move as thought being still might make him invisible. His tail is on my side. Yes! I snag the tail and lift him up. Not even a struggle. His tiny paws are sticking straight out, but he doesn't even flinch. I opened the door and set him down. Zoom, he was gone. The cat door has been locked ever since, but since I put food out for my kitty that prefers to be outside, I see that possum making nightly visits. Apparently cats and possums get along pretty well. A neighbors cat stopped by for a snack and was seen eating side by side with the possum. I guess the rule is if it is as big as you are and doesn't smell like another cat, leave it be. All others will be caught and tortured.