Sunday, February 10, 2008

More on that

Yea, I went to my Dr's office. He moved last year all the way across town, but since he was the Dr. I was seeing when I applied for disability, I need to see him at least until after the trial. The fact that he is good and listens is a bonus. I just hate driving across town, but I digress....

When I called for the apt. I told the person on the phone that I would not be able to make a payment at that visit. That I am awaiting my disability trial and only make $100. per week to live on. She said she would have to clear it with the accountant. Ok, so far so good, she comes back to me and gives me an appointment and all is well. Yea right!

I walk in to the office and the front desk person says that it will be $75.00 for my appointment. I said that I had spoken to the person on the phone and told them that I would be unable to pay when I came in and that they cleared it with the person in charge otherwise I would not have made the apt. So she says she will check on it and I go and sit down. She disapears behind a closed door. I assume to get permission. She comes back out and sits down and spends about 20 min. yacking on the phone and giggling and so on. So I am thinking that the pow wow in the back and her not saying anything meant things were cool. So there I sit looking threw magazines and I hear my name called. I look up thinking it is the nurse calling me in. No it is the lady at the desk and she says I need $75.oo for your visit. I said I thought we had already taken care of that and that I didn't have the money but could make payments. No, they want it all. I am in tears at this point. I am frustrated and know I will blow any minute. I drove all the way across town and wasted all that gas. I even borrowed a car for the trip because I drive a truck and didn't have any money for gas. So anyway they won't let me see the Dr. and I am frustrated and crying. I had to sit in the car a few minutes before I could drive. I was shaken and needed food. I am diabetic and I knew that the Dr wanted to run blood work, so I couldn't eat before going in. So the stress is making my bloodsugar go for a nose dive. I whipped out my organic chocolate bar and took a few bites to hold me over till I got home.

The picture I have added is of some Spellbinder dies that I had a chance to play with. They are so much fun. This set is the Classic Scalloped Paisly. I also used a small hole punch to make the lace effect and added brads to the large one. Someone mentioned M&M's. I think they are right.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bla, bla, bla

Ah yes another lovely day. It is nice outside,68*, but unfortunately by back is out of wack again. I have to wait till the end of the week to see the workmens comp Dr. I hurt my back in December at work and I got up from my chair today snd I couldn't stand up. Of course the workmens comp dr didn't do anything for me last time and I expect more of the same this time, so I have also made an appointment for my regular dr. who is a DO and works with my back and the rest of my parts. I have fibromyalgia and disc troubles in my back, so I pretty much am set on the drug front.
Oh yea, tomorrow it is supposed to snow.
On the other side I have finally updated my website. Yay!