Thursday, February 18, 2016

Still painting

And having a great time! I am still loving watching Cinnamon teaching acrylic painting. Her Youtube channel has so many lessons and they are all fun just to watch even.
 The Art Sherpa Easy Pug Painting. This one took me a while. It is 16x20. I got tired and would take a break and then play the video again the next day and I played around with colors and changed the shape a bit. I had to change a couple of things. First of all, I had placed my drawing a bit to low and the tongue was off the canvas. The body took up the entire bottom of the canvas and when I stood back from it, it just didn't look right, so I decided to make his body go the the left side of the canvas and bring the background down. I named my pug Walter. Mostly because I was watching Scorpion and I was going to do a yellow swish like Cinnamon's on the top of the canvas. It ended up being a W. So that is where his name came from.. I got to where I thought he was done when I realized that I forgot to give him a lower jaw. I must have changed his forehead at least 4 times. Lastly, I wasn't digging the background color. Bye bye W. Then I decided to add a pattern of circles and I found a gear looking thing to print with. I think it was in the handle when I opened my new Big Shot machine. I am loving it and he looks so fancy in his sweet frame I got 2nd hand.   Now I do have to admit I am not a huge lover of abstract art but I like this and really look forward to doing more in this style of abstracted art.

My next thing to do was one of those wonderful color charts. I didn't do my cheap acrylics. I only did the Golden's which I got when I worked at Michael's and the Liquitex Basics that I got to fill in the colors that I needed to do the paintings with Cinnamon. She uses a pretty regular palette but some of the colors, I just didn't have and can't afford the Golden any more. I ended up making 6 pages of color charts. I had no idea that I had so many tubes of paint. I haven't pulled out the good stuff in years and it is in a cabinet. Out of sight out of mind. Of course there is a video on making this. Big Art Quest #2: Custom Color Chart 
 Beginner painting lesson | Kawaii Elephant with Rainbow Bubbles | Art Sherpa For Kids   I did this today. I love how it came out and I actually did it in one sitting. It is an 8x10 but still I was very happy with being able to do this in an afternoon. There was a near disaster with the black paint. I set my brush down to go answer the phone. I came back and grabbed my brush and got black paint everywhere......except on the painting. Whew! When I was first setting out my paints, I did think about not putting out the black yet since it wouldn't be used until the last. I should have listened to my inner voice on that one ;p
I am so looking forward to continuing this journey. Take a chance and try something new. You never know, you may just find your passion.