Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blueberry Sprite

I made several modifications to the pattern for this doll. I gave her a large nose and made the hat much taller.I changed the neckline, made the arms the same color as the shirt instead of the legs. I also made larger hands. After making the hands 6 times and having blowouts and tears in the fabric, I decided to make them the larger size that I use on my other dolls. Here is a picture of the first doll that I made using the May Pixie pattern for comparison.
You can't even see the hat in this picture. The embroidery on this doll, who I named Autumn, is from a dress bodice. I used other parts of the dress for the Blueberry Sprite's hands and face. It has a soft suede feel to it. 
These pictures are of Elfwind. She was the second doll I made. I love her to pieces. She is long and lanky and dare I say sexy. She was made from a green skirt in the same micro suede fabric, but she wasn't as difficult to make. Her long hair is braided wooly yarn.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A free month from Artfire

Artfire is a great online comunity of Crafters and Artisans. You can get a totally free acount and by totally free I mean no fees to sign up, no fees to list, no fees on sales. Sweet! Yea? You bet it is! I did that to start and then I made my account pro for a small monthly fee. I get first billing in search engines. I can see where my customers are comming from. I even have a kiosk on facebook. That means people on facebook can buy from my store directly from facebook and never have to go anywhere else! What could be better than that. Check it out and if you use my link Iand sign up for a pro account, I get a free month and you get your 3rd month free.