Sunday, September 26, 2010

Artfire-Going Pro

My Artfire Shop will be going pro starting Oct. 1. I am excited as it will give me more opportunities to have my work seen and hopefully purchased. I decided since they were running a special on the Pro fees, that I would jump in and see how I do. I will need to do allot of reading for awhile to figure out all that is included in this upgrade. I have enjoyed using the site for free for quite awhile and have had a few sales, but nothing grand....of course, it would help if I wasn't a business slug. It is true! I hate the whole sales thing and would rather spend my time playing with my art supplies. I don't like that W word (work). I have friends who say I should sell my work, and indeed I would, if perhaps one of them would do the evil work part of it. Ok, so, that just isn't going to happen, and I may have to get off of Facebook games long enough to get things going. Really???? I have been cutting back. I have, honestly. I don't really like reading either, so it may take me more time to figure out all the upgrades.

Friday, September 24, 2010

GPP Crusade No. 44- In a scrape

This was a fun excersize. I used black as a base. The first is black orange and yellow, although the picture didn't turn out very well. The second is black and turquoise. I know, it really doesn't look like black underneath. Anyway, the idea Michelle presented to us was to put a base color down. Let it dry. Then take another color  or 2 or 3 and scrape them over the top to get a textured background. I am realy looking foreward to next month when we get to do something on top of these backgrounds. I am chomping at the bit to find out what is instore for these. They were a lot of  fun to do.