Friday, June 27, 2014

My First Play With Ice Resin

Everyone made it look easy and so I finally got up the nerve to give it a try. I had been hoarding a plunger pack of Ice Resin and had been collecting the jewelry pieces to use. I ended up making the whole plunger full.  I was ok with that because I wanted to use some of it on book pages. So yummy. I was worried about the smell, but I really didn't notice any. I added a variety of  Swarovski crystals and some star glitter that I had. The crystals really didn't show up very well. Maybe I should have waited to add them until later so they would be closer to the top. I will have to look around and see how other people are doing that. Here are some of my pendants. I still need to finish the Eiffel Tower as it is a 2 sided one.

Here are my rings. I wasn't sure how to keep them upright, but I used small binder clips, one on each side. It worked perfectly.

And of course the papers that I coated with the left overs.

 Most of the stuff turned out great with no bubbles in the end except the one black and white ring of the nude. She has bubbles near her bottom so it looks like she is farting under water. ;P

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