Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Broken computers!

My computer died recently, so I took it to my friend to help with it and she got it working temporarily. I was able to get a few things done and then splat! It died for real. She called the fix it guy in our building to work on it for me because he installed the hard drive less than a year ago. I also had her work on my laptop because it wouldn't connect. Meanwhile I have been on my CHEEP and nearly worthless tablet. I have such a headache from waiting for pages to load. Oddly, You tube videos work well on it, but reading my email is a massive PIA. You click on something to go to another page and if you try to go back to the email it goes to the opening page. Then you have to open your email again and try to find the post you were reading. It also will have emails on it that were deleted from my email on my PC. So I have to delete them all again. So after many hours I have a massive headache and have done very little. Ok, so yaaaaay! I got my laptop back and tried to watch a video. Everything is fine except it has no sound. I check and when it was reinstalled it didn't get the program for sound but it makes sounds for turning on and off and all the alarm sounds but no sound for videos. I take it back up to her to figure it out and go back to the evil tablet. At least I got a journal page done while waiting on things to load. Well, at least I got my laptop back last night after running back and forth with computers all day for 2 days. Thankfully we have an elevator in this building! Sadly she loaded Firefox on my tablet instead of Google Chrome. I like Chrome. I like where my bookmarks are. I like the way my email looks and works. I also had to spend several hours deleting and reloading my antivirus software from Cox, because for some reason it got disconnected. So, for now I am on again and feeling better.
I remember not long ago, I didn't even own a computer. My friend took me to the library and I learned how to use their computers. I was so excited. I was working with polymer clay back then and must have printed out a books worth of polymer clay ideas. I think I still have those pages squirreled away somewhere. Then my friend and roommate got a home computer and I could check out how to's on anything my heart desired. Now, I can't bear a day without my computer. I am not a cell phone person. I just have an old flip phone that I rarely turn on, but I am on my computer daily. Checking my email and watching videos and signing petitions for good causes and reading to much about politics. Things have changed so much in these last few years.