Sunday, November 25, 2012

Halloween get together

This is the comunity room in our building. I live in an apartment for over 50 and disabled. Shopping carts are available to help get your groceries to your apartment. There is a tv and piano available to use. There is also a full kitchen. We just had a Thanksgiving diner down there. Thanksgiving diner is put on by a local group. It was very full this year. If I remember correctly Christmas dinner is pot luck. Carole got a picture of me trying to get my camera to work. That is about par for the course. LOL

What have I been up to this year

I made this Halloween shrine I got from Retro Cafe Art Give-me-a-Sign-Shrine-Kit I also used a free printout from their site of Halloween pictures.

This is the Halloween wreath I made from a slide projector real.

I made this necklace in a class offered at Mrs. O'leary's Mercantile. My favorite place to go for rubberstamps and classes and mixed media goodies. The picture is lenticular, meaning when you tilt it a vampire appears.

This necklace and bracelet are from another class I took at Mrs. O'Leary's.

This is another class from Mrs. O'Leary's using a thimble I had from Fireside Flour. I also added a silk cocoon that I had died, a bead that I made, and a vintage earing.

I made this from tooling aluminum. The backround is done with molds. 

I made myself a new sketch book and this is the cover. I found this great paper. Very Mucha-esk and added a pewter flourish and watch gears including a spring that makes a pretty spiral.

Here is a large jar of silk cocoons that I have painted and died.

I love this Fancy-Flaming-Heart-Milagro-Shrine I got from Retro Cafe' Art. I made earings too but haven't been able to get the backings to stay on, so this is the bigger on that will be a pin or pendant. 

I got this great little guy at a yard sale. I put some hen and chicks in there and I am not sure what the other plant is other than it has fat juicy leaves.

A pin made from molded polymer clay.

A repurposed Cricut cartridge box covered in Verday Patina, which is a paint with metal flakes in it. Then it is sprayed whyle wet and the metal turns and gets a beautiful patina.
I also sewed myself a new purse from a pattern by Studio Kat   Carolina CarryAll Pattern . The rosette on the bag is made from some torn silk and a strip of leftover fabric. I love this fabric so much, I went back to the store to get more but it was all gone. Sigh.
Lets see if I can be more proactive with my blog this coming year. No promises. My camera is not behaving very well. The lense won't always open.