Friday, October 24, 2014

What I am working on right now.

Bottles! Halloween and other. I have a huge assortment of newer and vintage bottles to play with. I keep saying I am not going to buy any more vintage bottles, but then we go to a flea market or yard sale and these gorgeous vintage pieces steal my heart. They usually aren't too expensive and they don't take up much room. Let's just say that they occupy as many rooms in my house as my art supplies. So, yea, every room. Anyway, this bottle is a newer one that has been in my stash forever. Just sitting in my tub waiting for me to pull them out and decorate them. It is painted black and crackled, but you can still see through it in the crackle areas. I used some little images form collage sheets. I put one on each side for this bottle. I also used some tarnished vintage silver glitter on the corners of the bottle.
This picture is a little closer and you can see it a bit clearer. I made the bow from orange satin ribbon on my Bow-it-all2 and put it over this really pretty orange elastic doubble ruffle ribbon that I wrapped around the neck. 
 This is a nice vintage bottle that I used typewriter beads to spell the word boo and used copper spacers in between. I strung it on Pumpkin Pie hemp cord from Really Reasonable Ribbon. I got this wonderful cord in 4 different colors and all of them coordinate nicely so I may just add some more to it later.
I will leave you with this lovely blurry image of my messy desk full of ribbons die cuts bottles and other ephemera. I think I have it all together. Now I just need to clean off a spot to work ;P


yyam said...

Oh how fun to have bottles to alter!

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

I love altering bottles. Have fun with them! :)

Unknown said...

Wow...these are amazing...what fun an creative ways to get into the Halloween spirit. Love the crackle effect on the glass...what a cool look. I have vintage bottle envy, as I only have a couple, and they have been in my family for YEARS, so I dare not do anything to them but admire their own beauty. I really need to start hitting up the flea markets, because you have really scored some awesome finds!

Happy Halloween!

Viki Banaszak said...

Well, I just wanted to say that altering the bottles is no big deal as it is all removable.Paper labels can be soaked off. the same with acrylic paints. The ones I ended up spraying with Copic markers can easily be removed with a spritz of rubbing alcohol and hot glue will just pop right off.