Friday, October 24, 2014

Ombre' Nails

 I decided to try something new on my nails. I have pinned so many beautiful nail designs that people have been doing that I decided to give something other than just painting my nails a try. After watching a few videos, I realized that many of the designs that I loved are deceptively simple. The ombre' takes very little time and a sponge. Yea, a sponge! I used a piece of a round sponge that I had cut up and used previously for inking. You just need a small piece. Dab some polish on the sponge and spounce it over the tip of your nail after you put down your base coat. I used gold as my base color and rose brown and a darker rose brown for fall. After the first color dried I did the last color. I think they came out pretty great and will definitely do this again. I saw a video later that did both of the colors at one time using a cosmetic sponge and putting the 2 tip colors next to each other and just tapping them both on at the same time. I also noticed them using a special dotting tool. It looked an awful lot like a paper embossing tool so I did that on a couple of nails. It worked perfectly. I have just about every size of those imaginable so I think I am good. They also have nail stamping. The designs come on a small metal disc that looks like a cd. They do what looks to me like adding embossing paste, only with nail polish. swiping a thin layer over the stencil and then picking up the design with a sponge tool and stamp it onto the nail. I think I can handle that. I also saw something that looks amazingly like making an acrylic skin by allowing the stamped design and a layer of clear polish dry on the sponge or something. Then peeling it off and attaching it to the nail with clear polish and a top coat. Had I known before that so much of this was doing things I already know how to do, with so many of the supplies I already have, I'd have had much cuter nails for a long time now. I am so sheltered. LOL I haven't had acrylic nails in forever. For one I can't stand the smell in the nail salons. I am not talented enough to do them myself and they really aren't good for your nails. My own nails aren't bad at all. They grow pretty fast and If I don't let them get too horribly long, they don't break as often. So at any rate, I haven't been in places that use these things to see them in action to learn these tricks. Ah, but thanks to theinterwebs I too can do stuff I never before imagined.


Deepti said...

Beautiful ombré effect on the nails :)

Stamping With Bibiana said...

great colors!