Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ok, I have finished moving and finally figured out how to download my csmera. It was a used camera and didn't come with a cable, so I ordered one and yes it took me this long to get it to load.
 Lets see, I seem to have been seriously accident prone lately. First of all, I tripped and fell into my metal cabinet and split my head open. Not nice! It was gushing blood and I had to have 5 staples in my head. All healed now.
The other day, I bought some kitty toys and was getting the plastic ties off using an exacto knife. Why? I thought it would come off easier than trying to get a scissors in there. I was down to the last one and cut my thumb. It is still numb. Plus afterward I noticed that the tip of the knife was missing. I am pretty sure that it broke off on the plastic.
 Ok, better posts to come.

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