Sunday, August 28, 2011

Green Pepper Press Crusade #54

This months challenge was to pick names first and then create a color to go with the name. I sat down cleared my head and wrote down any words or phrases that popprd into my head. Picture 1:1 is Complaint Dept. It is a mixture of all of the colors I used making the other combinations. A mix of leftovers. 1:2 is Crash Test Dummy. I laid down yellow and made an x over the top in military blue. I am not sure why I decided noot to use black other than military blue is my favorite color. I painted my bedroom that color once and loved it so much. I also call it storms-a-commin blue. 1:3 is Surprise Me and it is a mixture of Pumpkin, Sterling Silver and Pearlizing medium. 1:4 is Pearls Before Swine. It is a mix of Metalic Garnet and Pearlizing Medium. Page2:1 Burningrubber's on Fire is a wet on wet  starting with yellow, then adding Pumpkin and then Bright Red. 2:2 is Super Freak and it consists of Bright Blue, Bright Red and Metalic Garnet Red.

2:3- Walk on the Wild Side- a mix of Yellow and Pumpkin with dots of Metalic Copper. 2:4- Charge It! is English Ivy and Sterling Silver. You can't get  much more money than that. Hmmmm, I guess I could have added gold to the mix. Oh well. 3:1 Rockin The Hammock (I have no idea, I just love hammocks). The mix for this is Pumpkin, Pearl Medium and  Metalic Garnet. Pearly and peachy. Sweet! 3:2 is Ripe Grapes. a mixture of Super Freak plus Military Blue.
3:3 King of the Road- Christmas Green and Burnt Siena. Last but not least 3:4 Sahara Sunset I forgot to write it down but I am certain it is Rockin the Hammock and added Pearl Medium with a smootch of Military Blue.


michelle ward said...

Viki - your choice of phrases is so diverse. I love that you gave us a bit of a self-portrait with Burning Rubber's on Fire :) I love the polka dots on pumpkin for Walk on the Wild Side. Pearls before Swine kills me. Great stuff. Thanks for playing and for providing inspiration for this challenge!

jgr said...

Great names and rich, awesome colors. I especially like the military blue.

Terrie said...

Wow - you really have some great, creative, diverse names! I am almost as intrigued by the names as the colors :) Rockin' the Hammock - really? We have one too and use it as often as is possible in the NW. I can totally see that color in connection with late afternoon in the hammock!