Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My new friend!

This is my new buddy Squirtle. I got him on Black Friday from the Humane Society. I had picked him from a picture online. His picture just popped out to me and his name is my nickname for my little nephew. I was originally going to look for an older cat. Because of the looooooong wait for adoption on black friday they only let you see 2 animals. The other kitty I looked at, when I read his paperwork, I saw he didn't get along with other animals, so he was out. 

This picture shows his slightly orange stripage in the black.

I decided right off that I wanted to leash train him and was trying to figure out a way to make my own. This tiny t-shirt from a stuffy fit him but when I redesigned it to fit him better, it fell apart.

This was another fail. I ended up with a leather cord and a slip knot and he does pretty good with that. He thinks he wants to go out and explore the hallways. I haven't taken him outside yet and I don't want him out on my balcony because there is a tree right next to it and I can see him jumping over. I did get him a harness but it is too big right now and he can get out of it. The problem with the slip knot is when he freaks out he pulls back and it tightens around his neck. He is not comfortable with other people yet. If he sees someone in the hallway he freaks and does his best Halloween kitty and pulls away, so I pick him up to make him feel safe but he will put up a fight. 
He had an ear infection when I got him and has been feeling much better now. He spent the night of the super moon bouncing off the walls and knocking everything over for about 10 hours. ah, youthful energy. He let me sleep last night.

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