Friday, November 18, 2016

New Watercolors

Yup! Like I needed to try any more watercolors. LOL But I recently decided to try the Prima watercolors. The colors are numbered and don't have names. I spotted them on The Frugal Crafter's You tube review. Yea, Lindsay(bless her heart) is the bane of my existence. LOL I love her, and have watched her videos for years, but if you follow her be prepared to be led to trying new crafty goodness. I do think she needs to drop the frugal part of her name any more. LOL
Anyway, on to the Prima watercolors: Set one is The Classics. I could have done without the gray and white, possibly the black too, but they do take some work and skills to mix. The second set I got is the Tropical set. I decided to mix blue and red to make purple, not that there isn't a purple in the set, but I just actually felt like seeing how they mix. Well, when I added the red to the blue, I got red and than I added a tick more blue and the whole thing turned blue. I eventually did get a purpleish color from my mixing, that's why I said maybe on the black. I don't know if you could get mud from these if you wanted to. Now, I know I haven't been watercoloring for a very long time and  generally don't mix colors because I like to get the most colors that I can and why have a set of 12 colors if you aren't going to use them. If you are only going to use the three or 6 basics why buy a bigger set. Anyway, that is just the way I think of it. However, every once and a while I want to play with color mixing just for fun. So the truth is, I don't understand how this weirdness happened. I do have a basic knowledge of color theory and I am positive that when you drop red into blue you should get something resembling a purple depending on how much of blue or red you add, not the last color that you added. Once I finally got something resembling a purple, as the color started to dry, the grains of color started to separate. I should have gotten a picture of that to share, but I didn't think of it. I just sprayed the little bit I had left on my palette and let it drip down. Now I have nothing more than a cool red color. 

But look at this yumminess! I love the way watercolor blooms. This is what I have been looking for in a watercolor. The old sets I have gave me a hard time not wanting to spread This is also different paper. I decided to try other kinds of paper to see if that helps, so it could be a combination of the 2. I will have to get some more of this paper and see if the other student grade watercolors will give me any satisfaction. This paper wasn't expensive at all. It was about 6x8. It does tend to pill if you work it too much though

This is just dots inside dots. Rather fun and relaxing. Sea Lemon posted a video of fun relaxing ideas.

Looks like I totally cropped this too short. I was just playing with scenery and blooming sun. So yummy up close.

Lagoona Bue Monster High Acrylic Painting Tutorial for Beginners by the Art Sherpa from Nov 15, 2016. I decided to try it in watercolor. I think she turned out rather good. Looking at it now, I think I would work on her hair a bit more.
I hope you are having wonderful creative days. As we enter this holiday season, don't forget to take time for yourself.

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