Saturday, July 2, 2011

Green Pepper Press Crusade 52

I am late as usual. I wanted to take new pictures of  my workspace and new items but because I am so far behind I have decided to show my colors with what I already have in my photo album. Grant it, I love all colors but I realy seem to love citrus colors no matter what time of year :)


michelle ward said...

Viki, I just noticed you have the same blog background as fellow crusader Maryanne! It goes well with the presentation of your palette - citrus as you call it. Even the xmas card got the vibrant color treatment, proof that you are loyal to your favorite palette with every season. Thanks for sharing your work and your perspective with the team. New crusade goes up later today - you already have a leg up on it (check in soon).

Anonymous said...

I looked at all your photos before I read your words, and was thinking 'lime and orange' and then saw you'd said "citrus". Yup. Love it - always so fresh and spirited.