Sunday, July 9, 2017

The story of Boid

The kids were outside walking around and spotted a baby bird that had been blown out of his nest. That little spot is the blood stain where he fell. It was so windy for several days. Then it was rainy for the next few days. I didn't get this picture till several days later. Anyway, they brought the little guy in and we cleaned him up a bit and I gave him some water with a dropper. I didn't think he would make it at this point. We couldn't find any rescues to take him so off to google what to feed a bird. He was pretty big for a baby so I guessed he was a Mourning Dove. They hang out in the tree outside my apt. where he was found. The mix I used was dry cat food that had been soaked in water and Cream of Wheat. By day 3 he was much more active and ate as much as I could manage to get in him. Honestly, I think more was on me and my desk than in him, but he seemed to be getting stronger and more active. We did actually leave him in a box under the tree for parental pick up for the first 2 days, but they never came and at night I would bring the box up and put him out on my balcony next to the tree.The following picture is my cat napping near Boid's box. Yup, I got attached enough to name him and was starting to enjoy feeding him and watching him stretch his wings. Then after about a week, I woke up and tried to feed him and he looked like he was gasping for air or choking. We buried him in the back yard under a bush and made a little shrine. I cried a lot that day and felt like a bad mom. So helpless of a feeling, not being able to help him.

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