Saturday, June 27, 2015

About as good as it gets

I have had my computer back for quite awhile but, I am having problems with photo bucket crashing every time I try to crop or delete a picture. It is so frustrating and I don't know how to fix it. Anyway, I guess, instead of ignoring it and doing nothing, I will post what I have, uncropped and all.
I went on an actual, honest to god Vacay!!! We went with some friends on a cruise. We drove to Galveston and stayed overnight before getting on the ship. This little cemetery was the view from our balcony. It is the Rosewood Cemetery. Galveston’s first burial ground designated exclusively for African Americans, founded in 1911.  This is the link if you would like to know more about it. We thought it was pretty awesome to be able to see it from our balcony. We got a few pictures before we left for the ship.As you can probably tell, it was a bit foggy as it had poured rain the night before. We probably got 2 full days of sunshine during the whole trip. 

Our ship was the Carnival Freedom. I particularly enjoyed the movies after dinner at the pool and OMG!!! The food was awesome! I didn't ever have to worry about keeping snacks for my diabetes. I had brought a bunch along, just in case but never needed them.First stop was Key West. This is taken from the ship. We walked past the shops and grabbed a cab to go to the Hemingway House. Afterwards we dropped our souvenirs off in our room and grabbed lunch on board. Then after our break we went back out to the area below to check out some stores and get a few pictures.

These little houses are for the kitties out side at the Hemingway house. The closest one is painted to look like the home. Just an fiy, this house has no air conditioning, so if it is really hot out and you are sensitive, you may want to skip this one.  This was mid April and quite humid. 

Isn't she lovely.... sing along. Yea, that's me. LOL I borrowed a walker to get around but I was nice and shared it with my bestie, so I have a cane here.I guess technically it is a rollator since it has 4 wheels and a seat. It really was the best thing we took on the trip. We named it Homer. I really need to get one for myself. I haven't been able to walk through a store that doesn't have shopping carts for me to use in forever, so yea, that's gonna happen soon. I don't see the point of the regular walker. First of all you have to lift it with every step and second, they don't come with a seat.

This adorable port is the lovely Freeport. It was pouring when we got there. Quite a few of the excursions were cancelled because of the rain. I wanted only to see the dolphins. I really had a time finding a place that I would feel was acceptable. I didn't want to see dolphins in small pools or that were mistreated. It isn't easy because on the one hand, you really want to spend time with these beautiful creatures, but on the other hand I want to know that they weren't captured for our selfish desires for entertainment ala the cove. I read up on several places and all the reviews on the excursion site. In the end I chose to go for a dolphin close encounter at Unexso facility in Port Lucaya. The bus was a bit late arriving but we were able to sit under a roofed area. The rain was off and on through out the morning. 
This man was quite entertaining. He was dancing right outside the covered area and the large painting behind him was for taking pictures with tourists. There were also many shops right in the area. I tried dancing a bit but my back wouldn't let me. So sad. I love to dance and it would have been so much fun.

One of the parrots at the Unexso site. We didn't have much time to explore the site because our bus driver was late getting us to the boat and as it turned out, he was late coming back too.
 I decided to share one of the videos that I took. Ignore the person who sounds an aweful lot like Phyllis Diller....that's me. So sexy, right? LOL

Our last stop was Nassau. We walked all over. Of course it was raining too when we started out. We didn't make any excursions on Nassau so we just wandered around and did the scavenger hunt from the ship at all the different merchants. We scored lots of freebies and just took our time exploring the town. After we got to tired to go on we went back to the ship. We decided to not go out again because of the long walk from the ships dock to the shore. As we sat there relaxing and looking out from the ship I saw...a beach! Can you believe it! We never, at any of the ports made it to one single beach. There was no way I could make the walk at that point.
These folks were outside of the Straw Market.
Walking back to the ship and getting a few pictures. I swear I wore other colors besides white on this cruise. The last day at sea, the sun was shinning. Go figure. Going home. Goodbye beautiful Bahamas hope to see you again someday and maybe even go to a beach and walk on your sands. As we got to Galveston it was pouring rain.

The day I got home. I think someone missed me. She was attached to my lap for 2 days. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Broken computers!

My computer died recently, so I took it to my friend to help with it and she got it working temporarily. I was able to get a few things done and then splat! It died for real. She called the fix it guy in our building to work on it for me because he installed the hard drive less than a year ago. I also had her work on my laptop because it wouldn't connect. Meanwhile I have been on my CHEEP and nearly worthless tablet. I have such a headache from waiting for pages to load. Oddly, You tube videos work well on it, but reading my email is a massive PIA. You click on something to go to another page and if you try to go back to the email it goes to the opening page. Then you have to open your email again and try to find the post you were reading. It also will have emails on it that were deleted from my email on my PC. So I have to delete them all again. So after many hours I have a massive headache and have done very little. Ok, so yaaaaay! I got my laptop back and tried to watch a video. Everything is fine except it has no sound. I check and when it was reinstalled it didn't get the program for sound but it makes sounds for turning on and off and all the alarm sounds but no sound for videos. I take it back up to her to figure it out and go back to the evil tablet. At least I got a journal page done while waiting on things to load. Well, at least I got my laptop back last night after running back and forth with computers all day for 2 days. Thankfully we have an elevator in this building! Sadly she loaded Firefox on my tablet instead of Google Chrome. I like Chrome. I like where my bookmarks are. I like the way my email looks and works. I also had to spend several hours deleting and reloading my antivirus software from Cox, because for some reason it got disconnected. So, for now I am on again and feeling better.
I remember not long ago, I didn't even own a computer. My friend took me to the library and I learned how to use their computers. I was so excited. I was working with polymer clay back then and must have printed out a books worth of polymer clay ideas. I think I still have those pages squirreled away somewhere. Then my friend and roommate got a home computer and I could check out how to's on anything my heart desired. Now, I can't bear a day without my computer. I am not a cell phone person. I just have an old flip phone that I rarely turn on, but I am on my computer daily. Checking my email and watching videos and signing petitions for good causes and reading to much about politics. Things have changed so much in these last few years.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More designs with one stamp

I loved the example on the Stampendous site by Jennifer Dove of the Cherry Bird Stamp W122. She did such beautiful coloring with her Copic markers. I am just not so good with them nor do I have a ton of them so I switched the whole colorway to Prismacolor pencils. I am much better with pencils. I used some Just Peachy Sorbet by Art Anthology on the tips of the flowers. and Imaginecrafts Irresistible Pico Embellisher in gold on  the stamens of the flower.

I did the same colors in this one. I also used the Pico Embellisher in Gold but on this piece I added green glitter glue and copper leaf just for fun. It really doesn't show well in the picture.

The coloring on this one is also from the Stampendous site although my coloring is much darker. I did use Copics on this one. The die cut is Spellbinders labels 22. I used the largest size and hand cut a liner from golden yellow card. The bow is made on my Bow It All V2.0.

This one I did in colored pencils with the Pico Embellisher in gold. I also made the bow on the Bow It All and added blue and green micro glitter and fragments from Stampendous. The banners are from Spellbinders.

Monday, February 16, 2015

3 Different Same Cards

All of these cards use the same stamp, but have different coloring and different card designs.  I absolutely love this little Halloween reveler. She is Pumpkin Ride rubber stamp from Stampendous. I love the vintage look. I am such a huge sucker for vintage, but especially vintage Halloween. I just can't seem to get enough of those cute babies and the black kittens. I know it is far from Halloween but by then I will have new ideas and yes I still have some of my Halloween decorations up and am working on a project that is rather Halloween related. I honestly could have totally skipped the whole Christmas thing this year. And while I am at it Happy Mardi Gras!
This card is colored in plumb purple colors with lime green and turquoise blue accents.  I don't remember the name of this decorative paper but I do know it is from the same pad as the star paper on the next card and it is half girly colors and half boyish colors and has embossing on the papers. I just love all the bright colors in it. It is definitely  great for kids birthday cards. I have had it for years, so it's probably not available any more. Anyway, the corners are just parts that I saved from die cutting  and thought they would make nice corners. I made rosettes from the Tim Holtz Mini Rosettes die. I also used  Marianne Design Creatable Dies Petras ~Ornaments as a background to my focal image.                                        This card is all about the purple. When I was finished coloring and fussy cutting my image I realized she was just to dark and dull. Then I remembered that many vintage cutouts that I have seen have a gold outline and it just so happened I had the perfect product to use. Imagine Crafts IrresistiblePico Embellisher in gold That I won from a crafty blog hop. I also won this stamp from a Stampendous blog hop. I have been extremely lucky in my blog hopping lately. The Pico Embellisher has a wonderful fine point on it and to keep it from clogging in storage there is a nice wire inside the cap that stays in the tip when stored. I think it was the perfect touch to brighten up my sadly over dark coloring. I made a bow with my Bow It all and added a nice sunflower from Petaloo (also won from a blog hop ;p )

This last card is done in blue and gold. Actually the markers I used ended up being a kind of periwinkle. The beautiful fan die is Marianne Design-Creatable Die Petras Heart & Corners I also added another rosette made with the  Tim Holtz Mini Rosettes die. I decided it was still a bit plane so I found some vintage glitter in my stash. I love this stuff and use it sparingly....usually, since I got it at a yard sale and it is in the original bottle. The lid says, "Double plated Will Hold Glitter .25cents." I got a little sloppy with the glue, but it's ok.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Another Valentines Card

and covered the pumpkin with a flower this time. I used the same type of heart button and several flowers from Petaloo. The die is Marianne Designs Creatables called Anja's Large Oval and used gold leaf marker on the outline. I did the background with the Argyle embossing folder from Darice. I also used the same blue and white bakers twine. Across the bottom I used 2 strips of washi tape from the Dollar Tree.  I have several more cards done with this stamp but since it is almost 4am I am going to call it quits for tonight.