Thursday, March 10, 2016


I took this picture yesterday to show off the crab apple trees in bloom already. To make it interesting for my art friends, and to show off my work in progress. I am painting the ASL Fantasy Native American War Pony Beginner tutorial in Acrylic. This is where I left off after adjusting the head a bit. I plan on working on it some more today.

I was on the computer and listening to a drawing tutorial and thinking about the rule of thirds and doodling. This is what I made. Tic Tac Oh! I was using a Sketch and Wash pencil, so I was able to add a little shading.  Then I drew a bunch of junk on my desk. Wow! I am impressed with my self. LOL

Here is the drawing I posted the other day before I painted her in with Brusho's. It's just a basic face sketch and here she is all colored in. I adjusted the color a bit on the second one so it would show up better. This video was my inspiration to give it a try- watercolor painting with Magenta's Nuance pigment powders  by Creationsceecee


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