Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mono Printing with the Creative Palette

These are some of the goodies I used in this session for printing. Stencils, a rubber comb, some plastic canvas. As you can see, I really don't clean my stencils.
This is what my creative palette monoprinting plate from Stampendous looked like when I was done. Also on the right is the newsprint pad that I clean off my brayer on. I was also pealing paint off of the palette to see if I could get some good sized pieces to use in artwork. I love letting the layers of paint dry on the palette because in each successive print a bit of that paint will stick and give you surprise colors. Here are a few of my prints that I thought looked the most interesting.

I used a package of cheap watercolor paper for these. It was definitely not anything good enough to watercolor on. I got it to use for cards but it wasn't even good enough for that, so waste not want not. I used it all up in one session of mono printing. I am thinking about making a journal out of all the printed paper. Maybe printing on both sides and then adding stamping and other things.

This one I decided to stamp a border with my new stamps from Stampendous NK Studio Marks. I won these stamps and I must say they are perfect for grunging up packgrounds and using with the Creative Palette. The flower is from the discontinued Blossom Beauty stamp set from Stampendous. Not sure why it was discontinued but you can still get the beauty face stamp. Anyway, I did a whole page of the flower with water soluble crayons and then die cut them. Some of them I layered. I want to write a saying on this to matt and frame it. I just need to decide on what and practice writing it. LOL
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