Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bat Cat and Fireflies

I did this one several weeks ago in the end of February with Cinnamon Cooney's wonderful Youtube tutorial called  Black Cat Bat Kawaii. Sadly, I lost my internet connection for an hour in the middle of it. I kept going, and thankfully it is acrylic, so I could go over anything I messed up. 

February 23rd we did this fun painting Dandelions and Fireflies . I think my troll likes it.

This scary creature was supposed to be a cat. LOL I was flipping through videos and saw a challenge draw with your feet. Yea, crazy! I had to try it. I started off thinking about drawing a cat and the ears were ok from there it all went downhill, The eyes were definitely a bit un-cat like and then the mouth. Ugg! I realized it looked more like a bull dog, so a bull dog it is. Not bad at all for being drawn with my foot. I continued switching feet and trying to write my name. So this mess was probably the best that came out. I had fun giving it a try though. 

This is a drawing I did. It has been finished with watercolor but I don't have a picture of it. I'll have to post it when I get a chance. 

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