Friday, March 25, 2016

Moving Again!

How many times have friends told me they would never again help me move.....every time. LOL  Just look at that sad exhausted little face. It's her own fault. She is my bestie and want's to be closer to the grandkids. The poor thing used to live with me, but now we have separate apartments. At this point we will continue to live in the same building. I don't know if that will ever change. You never know what the future holds. She put up with my stuff long enough. Not easy for a minimalist to do. I love stuff. I love having my stuff surrounding me. My art supplies keep multiplying. I want to try everything and I tend to hold on to those things because I may not be wanting to do that now but again in the future pick it up again. So if my friends want to try some new craft, they come to me to see if I have it. I probably do. That being said, moving is a bitch. Yea, not fun. Most of my friends know better than to come around. LOL  I really thought when we moved here, that we would stay. Don't keel over. We are only a few days in. 

The view from my desk. 

This was the dining room area. Now floor to ceiling boxes. 

Come to think of it, this looks much like it did when I moved in. Oh my. You'd think this was an entire homes worth of stuff. I do pack most items in small boxes to make them easier to move, especially since all of us are rather falling apart. Aaaand since all my friends have gone missing, I have to be able to lift it all, just in case. Fortunately, my bestie is great at talking others into helping. I think I am at least half packed. I still have my over sized paper, acrylic paints, fabric, pictures and mat board. Oh and finish packing the drawers and break down my cabinets. We left them whole when we moved here and the sides started to break where they are attached. I'd like to have them remade in solid wood if I can afford it, but for now, they need to make yet another move. 
Then there is cleaning. Yea, this is 3 years of smoking by my computer. I had cute vinyls up and this is right where I sit the most. The drippy on the top is from when we had bed bugs and they sprayed.

I am trying to keep some polish on my nails so they will grow. I just did these today. A light lavender, #43 Broadway Nails and deeper lavenderish periwinkle,Wet and Wild Megalast #213C On A Trip, with 2 different top coats.    Over the Wet and Wild is a glitter Pure Ice called Over You and on the Broadway is L A Colors CNP688 Cutie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Please ignore the grayish stained cuticles. I had black base on last week and it just refused to come completely off.

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