Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lost my marbles!

I should have posted this weeks ago but I just never got around to it. I decided to do a watercolor of marbles for my sister because she had me frame a picture of marbles for her many years ago and I wanted to make something that would be special just to her. I did a lot of practice on small pieces of  watercolor paper and looked up different kinds of marbles on a marble collectors site.

This bit was done on a bit of I believe 100% cotton because the colors just seemed to sink in and not spread. The reason I don't know what kind it is for certain is because I sometimes grab stuff at yard sales or estate sales, but it is very different from the paper I usually get from the craft store.

Here I made a whole variety of marbles. I used a small circle stencil to draw in the shapes. I actually had so much fun making marbles I think I used several sheets of paper just for marbles. I cut a bunch into card size and then drew the circles as I went. 

I just got a nice calendar from Allie Cat Allies and decided to try my hand at water coloring a cat. I used tracing paper to get the shape done and then transferred it to my water color paper. The first one I did is the one without the yellow halo. It turned out much better than the cockeyed kitty I did before on my own. LOL  I do like the eye shine I did though. It is just unfortunate I didn't get the eyes straight. Practice, practice, practice. Still, I rather like my deformed kitty ;P
A few weeks ago I got one of those wonderful clear stampers and some real live stamping polish. Wow! What a difference. I was able to double stamp that feather. Actually, that was not planned, I just didn't like the color I stamped it in the first time and decided to test out how well I could line up the stamp. It worked great and the stamping polish I got made a huge difference in the pick up. I had ordered a set of 6 from the Born Pretty Store. The wavy pattern is a light blue although it doesn't show up well in the pictures. I had such a great time with this that I ordered the other 2 sets of stamping colors this month. It takes almost the whole month to get them because the store is in Hongkong. 2 to 3 weeks is not unusual. I have ordered from Ali Express before and that is about the amount of time it takes. I got cracks in my thumb nails this week so I cut them all back. I don't like to have some long and some short nails so they will all grow out together. 

Finally, I also got another adorable set of stamps from Stampendous recently.Whisper Friends Christmas Perfectly Clear Stamps Set. I used my new hot air balloon die from X=Cut to make my ornament. I used a couple of metal snowflakes on the card. I also used some gold stickers to make the chains and top of the ornament.

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