Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Some nail design shots

Tequila Sunrise- yellow orange and hot pink sponged on until it is nice and deep in color. All three colors are from Broadway Nails #9, #46 and #17. They are a dollar at Dollar General. Then it is top coated with a nice layer of Salon Perfect #611 Mother of Pearl. What Simply Nailogical would call Unicorn Skin. After that I top it off with Salon Perfect Top Coat. Love that stuff and it dries really fast.

This horrid picture is an octopus for my version of Under The Sea. For this I used Broadway Nails #47 and Catherine Ardley #807 This a light gold color. This is also topped off with Salon Perfect #611 Mother of Pearl and Salon Perfect clear top coat. I stamped with fish, starfish, sea weed and an octopus. Sadly my pictures are horrid, because this was so pretty.

Back to the 50's. Base coat is L.A. Colors #892 Blushed. A gorgeous soft pink. The other colors are also from L.A. Colors Sea Foam, Atomic, and Frill. That is topped off with Sally Hanson Aisle Be There #140. The top coat is Salon Perfect.

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