Monday, August 29, 2016

Long time no see

Well, shortly after we moved my lap top died. When we had moved my computer was already dead. So since then I have been using my friends lap top. I have been hoping to get mine back before I loaded any pictures. Well, that has yet to happen. My computer is never gonna come back. It is just too old. So, I am still waiting for my lap top to get fixed I decided to finally post some pictures. I can transfer them when I get fixed up.

I have been so lazy since we moved. My body schedule is all off.  I feel like I just climbed out of a blender. When I went to visit a friend at our old apts. I was so energized. I feel like I left an energy vortex and have fallen into molasses.

Ok on with the pictures!
I made this card for my sisters birthday with Docrafts X-Cuts Build A Scene Dies- Vintage Hot Air Balloon 22 piece. There are a lot of parts to these die sets. I don't know that I will ever use all of them. I also have the Nautical set. I want a few more. They are a lot of fun to play with.

Lindsay has been doing several watercolor style videos with the Peg Stamps like this: Easy Freehand Watercolor Pots to go with your Small Flower Stamps! So I decided to pull out my tiny floral stamps and play with them for a bit.

Sadly my pictures didn't turn out very good but you get the idea.

This one turned out really cool. I do have several small pots in my collection.

My camera has an attitude. LOL Or I really need to get a tripod. Also a serious possibility.

This one is a stamp done with water soluble crayons.

This feather was also done with an online class by Lindsay's  Holbein Watercolor Review

and this one is from Live Rock painting Tutorial!

These are done with rubber stamped flowers, stamped with Memories Soft Rose and then water colored. After they dried I used my small tip Pitt pen to draw in the outline. 

This one is my favorite. 

This is what a water colored stamped flower looks like just stamped in black ink. As you caan see it looks much less natural and hand made.
Well that is all I will share today. Thanks for stopping by.
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