Sunday, April 24, 2016

Good Morning!

 I was rudely awakened by a howling kitty wanting breakfast this morning. She has decided that sunrise is a great time to wake up the slave and get food. I slide to the edge of my pallet on the floor(moving in 4 days) and put on my slippers to stumble my way to the bathroom. What the heck is wrong with my slippers??? I look down at my feet to find my slippers on the wrong feet. Oy!

Yummy delicious lunch. I picked up this yogert at Aldi's and it is the best I've ever had. It is not tart as some and it has little bits of ground vanilla bean. I added some ripe fresh strawberries. I'm in heaven. I really don't like yogurt with fruit added because of all the sugar. It leaves me with a funny aftertaste.
 On the flip side. This is gross! They used to be pretty good. Also from Aldi's. They recently changed them to gluten free. They didn't just add a gluten free selection but totally changed the product. The crust is sweet and soggy. So disappointing.  This watercolor painting is from April 12 live painting with Cinnamon, The Art Sherpa. I did the sketch freehand while she was teaching and then painted it. This is the first one that I have drawn without a pattern. Woman with Parasol Monet Acrylic painting Tutorial for Beginners  I'll give it a go in acrylic after we get moved.

 Speaking of devil cat who wakes me at dawn. There she is on the very top of a pile of boxes in what used to be my bed room.

 Ah, here is good kitty and demon cat on my bed, a pile of foam on the floor. See, her ears even look like horns ;P

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