Sunday, April 3, 2016

Almost Done War Pony

I like to draw faces. I don't plan usually who it is or anything. I just start drawing. This one actually turned out to look like one of my neighbors. I used olive and lavender undertones in her skin. 
During all the packing no one was allowed to pack my colored pencils and 1 coloring book and 1 sketch pad, watercolors(just 1 travel set) or a selection of acrylic paints and brushes that are on my desk. I have a couple of canvases to finish work on and a few more I wouldn't mind doing. Since all my packing is done except the necessities I will have 3 weeks to play with my art, that is if I can keep from killing myself before we move. I'd appreciate that! 

I just finished the War Pony with the exception of getting my nephews little paw prints on it. I asked their mom to have them print on tissue paper so I can attach them. We'll see how that works. I would have them do it directly on the painting, but I could just see my little minion sliding his hand across the whole canvas and I just can't get that picture out of my head. LOL

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