Tuesday, November 24, 2015

That's better

Yup, it looks much better with the animals added. I used my Tombow pencils to color the animals because I wanted soft color on them. The little fox has an orange red undercoat with a dark ocher over the top. The deer is just dark ocher with a touch of pink on the ears and cheek. I think just that addition makes the card look much better. Sometimes you just need to stand back and look something the next day and you will just know it needs more. 

The sun was shining today so I decided to see if I could get a good shot of my right hand. I wasn't even sure if I would be able to hold the camera with my left hand and take a decent shot. My nails are a lot longer on my right hand which is weird because I am right handed. I don't have a dish washer either. 

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