Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My New Bike

I finally got my new bike and had to share. I love it! I haven't ridden in such a long time and had a bit of a bumpy start. LOL I just wanted a nice basic bike. No speeds. I never had a bike with speeds before and that would be a whole nother learning thing that I just am not ready for. I have enough problems with coordination without adding more levers. Hahaha. Besides, it is reasonably flat around here. Of course that is not taking into consideration the high wind gusts we have here in the plains.We live in a small appartment so it is either lock it outside with all the other bikes at the rack or put it in my room and drag it out to use it. Better safe than sorry I say, so in my bedroom it stays.It is a Huffy Cruiser from Walmart. I just had to have the wicker basket. I thought the metal basket would be ok but I wanted to stick with the vintage feel of the bike. I love that you can pop the basket off and take it with you as it has a shoulder strapI added the liscense plate that I got from the scrapcook store. It is not official but it is cute and that is what is important. I wanted to get some sweet streamers for the handlebars too but they didn't have any. What kind of place sells bikes and no streamers? Seriously?!? Ok, so I am just a big kid and I love cute and toys. Can you blame me? Admit it, you play with your kids toys, don't you? I say, screw em! I want my own toys! Hehehehe.
Ok so my love of toys has gotten me in trouble more than once. VBG. On one ocasion, I went with a friend to her shrink appointment for moral support. As we were sitting there in her office, I was getting bored and my eyes were checking out the decore. When what did I see? A basket of stuffed animals on the bottom shelf. I couldn't contain my joy and squeeled"toys!" and rushed to retrieve the basket. Ms phsychiatrist was not amused. Not that I noticed since I was so busy digging threw the basket. LOL. In all honesty, maybe a few years back, I wouldn't have been caught dead being so animated, but I am over 50 now and I realy don't give a damn what other people think of me. I must say, I am a much happier person since I have released my inner child.
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