Sunday, April 11, 2010

GPP Street Team Crusaide #39

What a great time I had with this. Crusaide #39 is monoprinting. At the top of this picture are smashed flowers that I did with my Wizard using Grape Hyacinth that I found in the grass at a farmers market. I'm not going to scrape off the guts. I think they look so cool. They were still quite juicy even after sitting in the car all day. The first mono prints were in turquoise and bronze. Yum! I used my Ideology masks for some of these. In this next picture, you can hardly tell what I used as the mask. I used way too much paint.
This one is a print off of the first one. I just laid a piece of paper over the first print to blot off the excess. What a surprise! I love it.
I think this one was after I removed the mask, but I am not totally certain. Hah, so much for remembering by the picture placement.
I love the brushstrokes in this one and everything is so clear.

Just so you know, if you overmix turquoise and orange you end up with baby poop brown. Yuck. Definitely not my favorite.
Here are some other prints that I like from stencils.

These stencils are from Dreamweaver. I love these. As you can see, I realy loved the turquoise and copper on these and used it again and again.

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