Tuesday, January 10, 2012

 I guess I will start with the parts that you can't see very well. Unfortunately I wrote in pencil. On the left side it says: Will you fulfil your destiny.What is your purpose. Know how to be happy even when your alone. Don't expect others to beyour fulfilment. Love yourself first. Take time to play everyday. Use what you have. Share your heart through your art. The dots read Believe in yourself. Believe in love. Believe in Viki. Make love. B is for beautiful. E is for enchanting. Y is for youthful. O is colorful. U is sunny. R for real. S for spirit. Love is be loved. I for individual. K is make. I for independant. M for dream. M for memory. K for kind. The bottom says Spirit Song.
I hope you enjoyed this exercise.  http://michelleward.typepad.com/how_cool_is_that/2011/10/crusade-no-56-im-a-believer.html

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