Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New ideas and products

I was thinking one night about what I could come up with that is new and fresh to sell in my store. I have been saving tins of all kinds to use in artwork of various kinds. Some of them I just can't bare to cut up though. I came up with the secret stash necklace and wristlet. They kind of remind me of middle eastern prayer boxes or poison rings. I didn't want to alter them too much. I wanted them to show what they are, kind of like the license plate purses, and yes I do have a stash of lisense plates just waiting for me to get inspired. I have a ton of cigar boxes to use for purses too, but haven't had the heart to change them from the beautiful items that they are, and so I store my supplies in them. I guess it would work better if I got a bunch of same ol average ones, but I always look for ones that are unique. It's all good :)
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