Thursday, April 5, 2007

A snowy day in april

Last week was so nice outside. Carole and I went to work getting the yard ready for the warm weather to come. We moved some plants to new homes and planted some seeds by the mailbox in hopes that someday something would actually grow there. I made a little garden spot out there 7 years ago and the only thing that comes back besides the weeds is a lemon balm plant. Everything else has died. Nothing will grow around the mailbox. Is it so wrong to want a pretty plant to grow in that spot? This years trial is some snapdragon seeds someone gave me. A huge bag of em. Hope against hope they will grow. I also was given 2 well started pampas grass plants. I put them by the bird bath. The ones I planted by the mail box several years ago died. Ok, so I am bad about watering, but there are plants that grow well with little care. Most everything in our yard grows without any attendance. It is just the things I actually want to grow that have bad attitudes.

So, now that we have planted and moved plants it has started snowing. Yup, it has been snowing all day. The lilacks have bloomed. The trees have all bloomed and budded and now it is snowing. The open windows have been closed. The heat has been turned back on. The poor plants that we moved haven't even had a chance to settle in. Poor things.

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