Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cat Lovers Hop! The Dreams and Nightmares of Cats

I thought it would be a lot of fun to participate in this hop. I found out about it by way of the 31 Days of Halloween hop. Yea, tis the season for multiple hops and lack of time. 

I made this book for my best friends birthday and hadn't posted it, so perfect timing. I snagged it from her to get some pictures.This is where my kitty watercolor ended up. I wrote in : Sitting in sunshine.

This is a lovely digital stamp from Motivet Rubber Stamps . They don't sell rubber any more but the digital area still seems to be available. The sticker I added to this one says: The world revolves around me. Seems a perfect cat sentiment to me. LOL

This says and empty food dish(almost).

Cute enough to get away with it. This is also a digital stamp from Motivet. This is actually the one that started my hunt to find this little guy. I saw it on someones card and fell head over heals with the image and had to have it. I got in touch with the person who had the blog and she couldn't remember where she got it. So my life ended right there and then. Not so fast, If you right click on an image and go down the list, you will see one that says "search google for this image". So I did that and it led me to the Motivet web site. It looked pretty closed and the home page. Terrified I looked around and found a nice selection of digital images. SO I grabbed a bunch . I generally don't dig digital images. I want my stuff in my hot little hands so I can ink and stamp it, but in this case I decided I needed these. Haha. So if you ever need to find something, that is how you do it.

Here is another image from Motivet called ice fishing. The words on this are Others don't want to play with you.

This is Your sacred space being invaded. Serious cat nightmare. Of course I used a lot of Tim Holtz Crazy Cats in the book. That is where I got the idea for the book. The mouse is from Annticipations. Stamps N More is now where these stamps are at. The link is directly to the mouse stamps and they are available mounted or UM.

Milk bottles are from the Crazy Cats set the ant is from After Midnight Art Stamps.

You can't enjoy your toys because your siblings want to steal them. Tim Holtz.

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! Tim Holtz and Magenta.

Taking a nap outside requires one eye open. Tim Holtz,  Annticipations and After Midnight Art Stamps.

Others in the home don't respect your space. Tim Holtz and Annticipations.

The mice know your a pushover and torment you. Tim Holtz and Annticipations.

You have a thing about closed doors. You prefer transparency. Tim Holtz, Annticipations and an old jar from Posh Impressions.

Water contains horrifying creatures. Tim Holtz. Die from X-Cuts

Giant rodents fall from the sky. Tim Holtz and Annticipations.

The End.  Digital stamp from Motivet. That is it for this post. I hope you enjoyed a look at this little book.

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